This was the final product from my time working at Rising Sun Pictures Studio, as part of the scholarship I won thanks to 'The Rookies' and 'University of South Australia.' You can read about my whole experience here.

The FJ Holden was created in Maya with Substance textures. It was rebuilt from a game asset I had made in the past up to film standards. The foregrounds rocks were from and procedurally placed by Houdini. The background is a Matte Painting I created from images from my Dad's holiday in the Flinders Randers in South Australia and all other elements were created and lit in Houdini with editing in Nuke.


For this Digital Matte Painting, I was tasked to make the original footage of wind blowing through the grass more interesting and add a castle somewhere in it.  I added some 3D elements and a camera move. The main village image was provided by David Iliff.  The original footage was supplied by CDW working with Flinders University.


Abandoned buildings in the snow. The task was to extend and make interesting the building. Original footage, and 3D model given by Heather Abels.

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