Morning! I'm Emma.nowayhome

I have spent the past year as a full-time 3D Digital Matte Painter at Luma Pictures for Melbourne Australia, but working from home in South Australia. It was a fantastic experience, working with them and my team. I had the privilege to work on "SipderMan: No Way Home" "Dr.Strange: Multiverse Of Madness", "Elvis" and "Thor: Love and Thunder

While they are all live action films, the year before I got to work on "My Little Pony: A New Generation" as a Matte Painter and fell in love with working in Animation style work. Previous films include ‘Dora and the Lost City of Gold’ and 'Love and Monsters'. I have experience in modelling in Maya, texturing in Substance, using USD’s, as well as my primary skills in Matte Painting, using Photoshop and Nuke. 


I got married this year to a wonderful man from the United States of America, but being an Australian citizen and wanting him to have Australian Status. I am currently unable to travel outside of Australia while I wait for my Husbands Permanent Visa to be granted for Australia. But I have a full set-up at home and I am able to work remote and freelance! MLP


In 2018, I was one of only 2 people, (in approximately 3000 possible entrants in 2018) that won 2 separate scholarships! By entering “The Rookies”, this is where artists in school and straight out of school can showcase their work to all and are judged by professional artists. One scholarship was at Rising Sun Pictures/ Uni SA’s Post Graduate Certificate in Dynamic Effects and Lighting, and the other a CG Spectrum Mentorship. I also received 2 ‘excellence’ awards, one for a static 2D set extension at different times of the day, and the other for an environment change from drone footage.

Study + Study Achievements
I spent two years studying for an Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media (Specialising in Game Art) at TAFE SA. I was the team leader that produced a shot video game called ‘Pyrathon’ which was daubed at AVCon 2015. I was the team leader for another video game called 'Auto Arcadia' that was daubed at AVCon 2017. I then completed two years at Flinders University, where I graduated in 2017 in the top 15% of the university. EmmaWittwer

Flinders University/CDW Studios is where I learned what Digital Matte painting was and fell in love! (2016) I then dedicated as much time as I could to learning and improving my Digital Matte Painting and Environment art skills. My goal is to become one of the best Digital Matte Painter/Environment artists. I have completed 2 online courses; Advanced Matte Painting (2016) with Heather Abels and Matte Painting (2017) with Eric Bouffard, both through CGMA. I have worked, and still sometimes work as a Digital Media Lecturer at TAFE SA, teaching 2D Art and 3D Modeling. I have done a small amount of freelance work as a Jr. Matte Painter with TAU Studios for 4 months in early 2017.

Skills and Knowledge 

I have chosen to specialize in Digital Matte Painting/Set Extension, using Photoshop and Nuke. I am super keen and willing to learn new workflows and structures. I own and have worked in both Windows and Mac OSX environments, and work in Linux at work. I have worked and created full 3D environments within Maya, and Unreal Engine 4 using their blueprint system. My education focused on becoming a 3D generalist, I enjoyed creating textures and UVing as much as the modelling and lighting. 

 Feel free to check out my other work on ArtStation. or visit me on Linked In