2018 ROTY NOTOFFICALMorning! I'm Emma, a chef turned digital artist. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to step away from cooking which I loved. I took a course in Computer Programing and decided that although it was fun, it wasn't for me. While I was studying that, I discovered that I could create art on computers and my mind was blown and the entire course of my life changed. Ever since I have dedicated my time to learning new skills and workflows to become a professional Digital Matte Painter.

Study + Study Achievements
I then spent two years studying an Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media (Specialising in Game Art) at TAFE SA. I was the team leader that produced a shot video game called ‘Pyrathon’ which daubed at AVCon 2015. I was the team leader for another video game called 'Auto Arcadia' that daubed at AVCon 2017. I then completed two years at Flinders University, where I graduated in 2017 in the top 15% of the university. 

Flinders University/CDW Studios is where I learned what Digital Matte painting was and fell in love! (2016) I then dedicated as much time as I could learning and improving my Digital Matte Painting and Environment art skills. My goal is to become one of the best Digital Matte Painter/Environment artists. I have completed 2 online courses; Advanced Matte Painting (2016) with Heather Abels and Matte Painting (2017) with Eric Bouffard, both through CGMA. I currently work (short-term contract) as a Digital Media Lecture at TAFE SA, teaching 2D Art and 3D Modeling. I have done a small amount freelance work as a Jr. Matte Painter with TAU Studios for 4 months in early 2017.

the rookies excellence light

in 2018, I was one of only 2 people, (in approximately 3000 possible entrants in 2018) that won 2 separate scholarships! By entering “The Rookies”, this is where artists in school and straight out of school can showcase their work to all and are judged by professional artists. One scholarship is to the and Rising Sun Pictures/ Uni SA’s Post Graduate Certificate in Dynamic Effects and Lighting, and the CG Spectrum Mentorship. I also received 2 ‘excellence’ awards, one for a static 2D set extension in different times of the day, the other for an environment change from drone footage.

Skills and Knowledge of Programs
I own and have worked in both Windows and Mac OSX environments. I have worked and created full 3D environments within Maya, and Unreal Engine 4 using their blueprint system. My education focused me on becoming 3D generalist, I enjoyed creating textures and UVing as much as the modeling and lighting. I have chosen to specialize in Digital Matte Painting/Set Extension, learnt Nuke and camera projections. Although I haven’t used Linux operating system yet, I am super keen and willing to learn new workflows and structures.

Have passport, will travel. 
I look forward to this new adventure in the in the visual effects industry. I continue to take all the lessons I have learned from the past and focus them to help me be the best version of myself. Examples include working under pressure, working to deadlines, attention to detail, deep and focused effort, knowing my limits, and asking for help when I just don’t know. I have traveled to Ireland, the UK, and many EU countries by myself in a gap year in the early 2000's. Although I still call Australia home, I can’t wait for more opportunities to travel and work in other countries. I can't wait to be a part of teams that help create movies and TV shows and just spread the joy of imagination, and escaping temporally from the day to day world.

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This is a Copy of my current resume.