Here are samples from my work on My Little Pony: A New Generation, 

While this is not everything I worked on, it's a lot of the things, focusing of course mainly on backgrounds. This film was such fun, and for almost all of these works, I was given a concept to match, for color, size, and interest. So a huge thank you to the other artists who built models, and did the concepts, my work is better for you work! 

  Animation Reel

DMP (what I did is not 'grayed out') vs Flim (final product) 

 I used buildings already made, but I rendered the lighting to match the FG elements and added 'pre-animated' ponies in the background to add life, and painted the clouds. 

The effects team did the Aurora, I did the 360 sky dome. The landscape was based on the scene before and based on DMP that wasn't mine. But a lot of work was done to get the image from the previous grade of bright orange, to then have enough res and information to grade from night sky to light.  

Matching a concept, placing 3D buildings, rendering lighting, and painting over to enhance, and the sky. 

Some more of my fave works, mostly clouds. 
Clouds v01
Clouds v02
Clouds v03
Clouds v06
Clouds v07

This was a full 3D build and render based on concept, everything but the bendy board and the Queen. 
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