Love and Monsters was my second job as a DMP artist, so I have a lot of images to show off. Its kinda nice to see how far I've come and how far technology has come.

This Street scene was a full paint-over destruction that took the whole team doing parts on. I built the underlying basic 3D models to project work on form Lyida scans, I also helped place the cars. I built the parking lot in the far background with the giant honeycomb and added a road extension and trees and movement to that area.  

I help split the original plate to allow the snail to go through, adding in USDs for the foliage for the snail to interact with and the background skies. 

Here I built, modeled, and textured this outhouse for effects to blow up with the crab, so it had to match the onset lidar prop exactly. 

After is other things I did, but didn't need to put in my reel, so they are just ugly red highlighted to see. 

Adding in spiderwebs and such. Made many jokes about this just being photography from Australia. 

I ended up painting the power gid from scratch as no photo was good enough, and they didn't want to spend time model and lighting it. Adding a lot of Ivy, and other team members did the other cool effects. 

I modeled and textured this pool to match exactly the lidar for effects as well. 

Added in all the overgrowth. 

Added in the mountains and trees, Classic DMP. 

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